Project Consulting

You already know that Big Steps Consulting can find the right people to design your identity, program your Web site, and print your promotions.

But we can do much more than find the creative and print people you need for your marketing needs. We can also deliver innovative strategic and consulting services for your clients or your own organizations legislative and lobbying needs. We can manage your projects from concept to completion—freeing you to worry about other things.

That’s right: let us worry about coordinating the talent, scheduling the services, and riding herd on the vendors. Let us worry about inter-team communications, quality control, and billing.

Whether you require management services for a single project, or are looking for a guiding hand on a long-term project, call us. Big Steps Consulting has the resources and experience to deliver a very creative and professional solution.

Making it all come together—on time, synergistically—that’s where our real talents lie. These are the areas where we excel:

  • Assembling the best team for your current and future needs
  • Budgeting the right amount of time and money for your project
  • Scheduling and implementing various elements in the process
  • Determining what needs to be in place when
  • Timing print, promotional fulfillment, Web, or video pieces to premier in sync
  • Handling time-consuming purchases, such as photography, video, film, print, premiums, signage, domain names, and internet services
  • Communicating deadlines and scheduling with vendors
  • Delivering the final product to your audience or your client on-time and on budget

We’ll even handle those nasty internal projects you’ve been avoiding, such as:

  • Training your employees in print or new media applications
  • Locating full-time or part-time personnel
  • Network solutions

Let us help you get the results you expect—the first time.